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Shoelace is not a social network

It's a movement to celebrate the people and places that make New York City great
Explore your interests

Explore your interests

There's a community for you on Shoelace

Join communities to discover activities that match your interests. We currently have communities for the arts, nightlife, lgbtq+, fitness, gaming, and foodies. More will be announced soon.

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You feel at home in queer spaces with people that are as colorful as you are.

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Console or tabletop? Magic or Catan? Smash Brother or Street Fighter?

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You're inspired by art in all of its forms, from concert halls to underground galleries.

Find and join activities near you

Find and join activities near you

Less screen time, more face time

Why search the Internet for this weekend’s activities, just to discover they’re far away and expensive? Our editors and hosts post a variety of free and cheap things happening near you every single day.

Grow your community

Grow your community

Make real connections with others

Shoelace is about building communities of real people in the real world. So when you attend, you can always bring friends or make new ones. Either way, you’ll expand your circle over time with others who share your passions.

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What's everyone bringing for the shoot?

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I've got a tripod and some wide-angle lenses!

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Perfect. I'll bring my mirrorless camera.

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    Shoelace is part of Area 120 by Google. The team’s mission is to use technology to help people re-discover the magic of the offline world.
  • Is Shoelace safe to use?
    At Shoelace, we're serious about the safety and privacy of our users. We use machine learning to spot abuse and harassment automatically while also giving users the ability to report others that violate our terms of service.
  • What platforms does Shoelace support?
    Shoelace currently supports both Android (v.8.0 or newer) and iOS (v10.0 or newer) devices. You also must have an active Google account to sign in.
  • How do I contact your press team?
    You can reach us at Only members of the press will receive a response.